How to Efficiently Create Content Without Sacrificing Quality

Learn how you can work with a writer to turn your expertise into a polished piece of content.

If you’re looking into content marketing to differentiate your private equity firm, at some point you’ll need to determine the dynamic for creating content.

In most cases, you won’t have the time or interest in creating content yourself—you have other priorities to attend to. 

At the same time, to fully outsource your content creation isn’t a great option either because you, the subject matter expert, have a wealth of knowledge that your prospects could benefit from.

A happy middle ground is to hire a writer who is able to interview you or a member of your team, then do the legwork to turn that interview into a finished piece of content. 

The writer would follow a process similar to the following:

  1. Brainstorm content topics (ideally with the help of multiple members of your firm)
  2. Prioritize which topics to cover first
  3. Schedule and conduct interviews with you and your team (usually <30 minutes)
  4. Put together a polished draft for your review
  5. Make edits based on your feedback
  6. Publish the article

By working with a top-tier writer, you can create high quality content that covers the topics you know resonate with your audience, without you having to put in all the time creating the content. In doing so, you can continue to focus on where you create the most value while letting the writer do the same.


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