Jack Vawdrey

Marketing Consultant for
Private Equity Firms

I help firms in private equity and adjacent industries reach prospects and stay top-of-mind via strategic marketing and biz dev programs.

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What do private equity firms say are the greatest challenges of marketing their firms for deal flow?

"We don't have a defined strategy, but also don't know where to start."
"We've tried marketing, but we're not sure how to measure what works."
"We're pretty good at biz dev, but don't know how to add marketing to the mix."
"We just need to get organized but don't know how."

When private equity firms struggle with these challenges, the best thing they can do is learn how to:

  • Define their strategy, including whom they want to reach and what messages they'll share
  • Evaluate their marketing efforts from both a macro and micro-level to determine if their efforts are creating stronger relationships with prospects
  • Refrain from "marketing to the void" in which well-intentioned marketing initiatives end up being seen by no one and are therefore not worth the investment
In my estimation, Jack is one of the top thought leaders in PE marketing.

I help my clients:

Demystify private equity

Answer key questions to minimize any concerns a prospect may have about private equity.

Stay top of mind

Share content with your prospects to stay top of mind for when they're ready to transact.

Strengthen biz dev outreach

Increase the frequency and quality of interactions with your prospects.

Improve deal flow

Position your firm as the only investor worth partnering with.

How Much Do Marketing Consulting Services Cost?

What You'll Pay for My Services

Monthly Retainer
Recommended 6-12+ months

Implement the necessary systems and personnel to promote your firm to prospects.

Optimize content creation and advertising to refine performance over time.

What You'll Pay Overall

With Personnel & Fees

Work with your own in-house and external resources to execute your ongoing marketing strategy.

* Costs will vary depending on your strategy and your budget.

Take a 15-minute questionnaire to build your own marketing plan.

No Call Required.

Answer some basic questions about your firm's marketing efforts and I'll send you a detailed document highlighting areas where you may have an opportunity to better market your firm.