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Content Marketing for
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I implement content marketing programs to support outbound biz dev efforts and engage prospective portfolio companies.

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Differentiate Your Firm from Competing Private Equity Funds

Competition in the private equity space is at an all-time high and growing. To successfully place dry powder in quality assets, private equity firms need to demonstrate expertise, engage target companies, and add value for better deal flow.

As in other industries, the company that best markets itself usually wins. I help private equity firms and investment banks create and promote expertly written content that engages prospective portfolio companies while adding value to set your firm apart from competing investors.

What Does Content Marketing for Private Equity Look Like?

Content marketing for private equity firms is about supporting outbound efforts by engaging with prospective portfolio companies with content pieces that:

  • Demonstrate your expertise as a partner
  • Promote testimonial content from port cos
  • Show understanding of your target industries

As a private equity firm, you have a strong grasp of who you want to do business with, embodied as a CRM full of prospective portfolio companies. Content marketing via the right channels gives you the opportunity to engage those prospects directly.

What Impact Can Content Marketing Have on...

Biz Dev?

In emails you send out to prospective portfolio companies, you should be adding value. With content to share, you'll be able to increase the frequency and quality of interactions with your prospects.

What sort of impact would regular, high value emails have in moving the relationship forward?

Deal Flow?

You could tell prospects how good of a partner you are, or you could show them.

If even just a few more companies viewed you as the right partner as a result of the expertise you shared via content, what magnitude of impact would that have for your fund?

Does Content Marketing for Private Equity Work?

Real responses from prospects:

"M_____ – the articles are excellent. Thanks."

"L_____, thanks for reaching out. Would be happy to chat, I have enjoyed the content you are creating and putting out there."

The primary goal of content marketing for a private equity firm is to create new conversations with prospects.

For one of my clients, 18% of new/unresponsive prospects who viewed content accepted an email/phone conversation.

Those who accepted a conversation viewed an average of 2.8 pieces of content.

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How Much Do Content Marketing Services Cost?*

*If you're an independent sponsor, connect with me on LinkedIn to discuss flexible payment terms.

Simple & Plain Pricing

Strategy Consultation Call

In this 1-hour strategy call, we will discuss content marketing tactics to engage prospective acquisitions and position yourself as the right partner.

The cost of your strategy call will be credited towards your first month of services.

Planning & Implementation
for 1 month

In this phase, Jack will:

* Design your content strategy
* Plan your editorial calendar
* Find a qualified writer
* Configure analytics & reporting

Following the first month, as part of ongoing marketing, Jack will implement other aspects of your marketing program, such as engagement alerts and an email newsletter.

Ongoing Marketing
+ advertising costs

In this phase, we will create and promote content for an est. 850-1,000 minutes/month of engagement time with your target audience via:

* Content published weekly
* Organic social posting
* Paid social promotion
* Monthly newsletter
* Biz dev email templates

What Does the Working Relationship Look Like?

We make the process as hands-off as possible so that you and your team can focus on what matters most: interacting with prospects and closing deals.

The Content Creation Process

Is Content Marketing the Same as Public Relations (PR)?

While there is some small overlap in the two disciplines, content marketing and public relations are not the same.

The primary focus of PR for private equity is to connect your firm with journalists who will interview and quote your partners on various topics. Any content created through PR lives on someone else's site.

Content marketing, on the other hand, is about creating and publishing content on your own site. This content exemplifies your firm's personality and expertise and is usually much more robust than a PR quote or article.

While some PR agencies also offer content marketing services, be careful that these services aren't just bolted on as an afterthought.

Can I Work With Both You and a PR Agency?

Absolutely. I've personally developed strong working relationships with PR professionals and each party brings unique value to the table.

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Check out my profile on LinkedIn and let's connect.

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